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Industrial System

Integrator &

Plant Automation

To Provide Right Solution
for Various Integration Systems
& Plant Automation Needs

Hands-on experience in
dry bulk powder handling and
fluids processing are the keys
to a successful system.
To be your Single Source and a Reliable Partner in fulfilling Processing Plant Automation Requirement & to provide for System Integration needs.
FIBC Filling & Discharging Machine
Bulk Handling Equipment
Bulk Handling Equipment
Control Valves
Control Valves
Business Partners & Procurement Services

To strengthen our business growth; we are supported by few well-known
experienced principals & manufacturers who have been in the industries for decades.
We are able to provide sales solutions, applications, engineering, system integration,
a wide range of engineering components and after sales services to various industries.

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Measuring & Process Technologies in Industrial Weighing, Feeding and Conveying.
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High performance Sieving & Filtering solution for Screening, Sizing & Grading Requirements.
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Manufacture wide range of Pellet Dies, Roller Shells & Other wear parts for all types of pellet mills.
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Wide range of Electric Motors, Drives, Controls, Panels, Gearboxes & Industrial Gears.
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40 years of experience in the production of valves and accessories, which are used in heating, air conditioning, industrial pipelines and water treatment.
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An international plant manufacturer & solutions provider, with technical employees that are experts in the field of handling bulk materials.
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Total industrial cyber-physical system integration solution provider especially in Robotic Arm(s) and Automated Guided Vehicle(s).
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Service provider who leverages digital technologies of IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence for the realization for SMART Manufacturing and Digital Farming.